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Sunday, January 2, 2011

A "Dream"y Review of Inception

Welcome to jungle! hope all of you have had a great New Year's among all of holiday season! While its fresher in mind here is movie I got for my stash to review that I think all of us on the spectrum might get others to see about what its like to be a dreamer, like those of the spectrum have. The movie is called Inception   (Link 2) directed by Christopher Nolan & an all star cast including Leonardo DeCaprio & Ellen Page. If you could control your dreams what would you do? Be royalty? own the world? be rich? lol!  This movie is not the first in the dream state style movies will run down some earlier style "dream" movies: 

Nightmare on Elmstreet series
Brainstorm (1983)
Dreamscape (1984)
Matrix franchise
The Fountain 
lots more out there I am sure!

Trailer: (movie from Warner Bros dvds)

But back to the review! This movie has you dropping the logic to think outside the box,which I do quite often, & how most of us with Asperger's think as well! This movie peels away the layers & has more layers than an onion! LOL!  You view the movie & often are thinking is this real or dream? It also had a lot of Matrix style talk & effects in the movie as well, & the dream within a dream & certainly had you guessing right until the very end of the movie,of course one criticism is that this film often requires more than viewing you need at least 2, to figure WTH is going on.The movie starts off as a dream (you get the pieces why as you watch the film), I thought Leonardo was excellent as he as going through similar emotions to one of his previous flicks Shutter Island, & Ellen Page ( & Michael Caine also has a cameo!) was also great as well,they both push there acting envelopes in this one.

The root of the story is that after a job taking things from dreams, he is threatened by the person who he did that to & has to implant an idea which is a lot trickier than taking something away & a really a first in the dream style movies. Lots of action in it that is for sure,& the drama has you guessing...Well I recommend to buy it (like at the Blockbuster video used bin for it to drop in price, and you don't really need blu ray,reg dvd will suffice) rather than rent it,to understand the movie fully & give an 8 out 10 because well its not a fully all in one place movie...

Some links of note:

Now I have got to go back to sleep, goodnight..zzzzzzz...... ; )


  1. Hi Zoey.

    One of the first Wikibooks I read was all about Lucid Dreaming.

    There is a really comprehensive review on Inception which shows just this "outside the box" thinking.

    (Enjoyed Shutter Island too).

  2. "...has you dropping the logic to think outside the box,which I do quite often, & how most of us with Asperger's think as well"

    I was under the impression that those with autism/aspergers thought logically?
    and example:
    "..that autistic people think logically and predictably,"

    This would make your above statement incorrect