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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Temple Grandin Review

screenshot from DVD (HBO Home Video)

Hi everyone!, this is my quick review (& my first on this blog) of the movie Temple Grandin, I thought this is a great movie, a must for anyone who likes inspirational movies.  Ms Grandin has Autism which is a lifelong communications & neurological condition. The movie stars Claire Danes, who played Ms.Grandin & she did a wonderful job too,with her mannerisms & speech. In fact, it shows those of us on the Autism spectrum (I have Aspergers,which is a mild form of Autism) don't need a "cure" to make it in the world,she adjusts & inspires with an incredible brain as she is. She is a strong advocate for acceptance as am I.  You see her as she goes through college, stands up the sexist men in the ranch & farm industries (she was truly ahead her time as this was the 70's), & she did anything she had to do, to make her point known. I would love to meet her someday, however in 6 degrees of seperation,my mom & older sister(mother of Autistic boys herself) met Ms Grandin at one of talks & my oldest sister once when she needed an advocated for my nephews (when I lived in Saskatoon,SK Canada) had Maureen Jolly advocate for them on a case once.(she is sister to actress Catherine O'Hara who played Ms.Grandin's Aunt in the movie.  Ms.Grandin is truly an inspiring person, & puts Jenny McCarthy to shame as Ms.Grandin is living proof that mind of those with Autism is smarter & more brilliant than you think!  Just because you parents/caregivers see the dark or bad side the symptoms associated with Autism doesn't mean we are bad people. Its a communication issue & we need your understand as we all here to stay whether you agree with us or not. Please buy this movie & spread the news that there is some good in the world of Autism,please don't let cult groups like Generation Rescue & websites like Age of Autism etc,slam those (or try to "cure"/lobotomize) those with Autism & its colorful spectrum. I will add more links about Ms.Grandin & her webpages for her please visit them, & ask Ms.Grandin to come to your area,she is also a brilliant inventor as well. Glad this movie won a few Emmy's this year as well! Thank you! :D


  1. I think I definitely approve of the start-up screen.

    It's great to hear about the advocates.

  2. Great review Zoey!!! I'm so excited I found your blog! Have a beautiful week.