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Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Better,Faster,Stronger Review of 6 Million $ Man & Griff the Invisible

Hi! Haven’t you ever dreamed of being a superhero?  As one on the Autism spectrum I admit I am a bit of daydreamer & dreaming of being a superhero got me through all the rough times growing up & now, which is why I am doing a double shot review of The Six Million Dollar Man Season 1 & Griff The Invisible.

First review is of the Six Million Dollar Man Season One starring Lee Majors as Col. Steve Austin. This is one of the crown jewels in my dvd library.  Growing up this is one of my favorite shows I had the dolls,shoes, etc  when I was a child. This show was on dvd for years over in Europe & finally both the entire series & season one were on hold with Time Life only for about year & now since the hold is over stores are now selling season one. For the bionic fan in your life this is a must have, it has a ton of guest stars, including William Shatner in Burning Bright episode which I find is one of the highlights as he acted like someone on the Autism spectrum after his mind became supercharged from electricity in space,& in the next episode in The Coward his Star Trek co star George Takei shows up, & of course this then wife the late Farrah Fawcett who appeared in the episode Rescue of Athena One.  This action packed dvd set has the first three pilot movies & thirteen episodes, all uncut & a nice companion piece to its spin off The Bionic Woman seasons one to three already on dvd as well.  I am looking forward to whenever the stories release the other seasons of the series.

Now on to Griff the Invisible, starring Ryan Kwantan (Dead Silence) & Maeve Dermody, this little number from Australia I thought was a great movie, and worth a rental. Griff is a bit a daydreamer, as he is an office worker by day & crimefighter by night & they both have will little “differences” only someone on the spectrum might understand. When I seen the commercial for it I thought it might relate to all of on the Autism spectrum. I have Asperger’s/High Functioning Autism for info on that see my main blog .  Until he meets a girl named Melody his brother has been dating who has “differences” of her own as she is obsessed with Science (she is the daughter of the local hardware store Griff goes to as well). The dvd comes with deleted scenes,music video,making of and a QR phone code additional online stuff (didn’t watch that part of the dvd). There is a nod for bionic fans with the ch ch ching sound! These two characters prefer there own world rather than the so called “normal” world sort of like someone on with Asperger’s might act. Its rated PG 13 for some language & violence.

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